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Environmental Health and Safety Systems (EHSS)

As part of the Environmental Health and Safety Systems (EHSS) for a company, the environmental and health staff must perform many key roles.

They must understand their facility's processes, the effects of these processes on the health and safety of the workforce and on the environment, stay abreast of new regulations and guidelines, ensure that training is conducted as required, and deal with all the data, reports, submissions, and documents associated with the environmental and health and safety department(s).

To be most efficient and economical, a complete Environmental, Health and Safety System (EHSS) should be implemented by corporations.

An EHSS should be developed and implemented to ensure corporate-wide goals and missions are consistent and met, regulatory requirements are efficiently completed, required inspections, training, and sampling are conducted following a worker-efficient schedule, reports are being produced as required, and documents and data are being stored in a manner that allows quick retrieval.

Dealing with all these challenges can be time consuming and extremely complex. The development of a EHSS can be compared to crossing a mine field; one misstep can cause catastrophic damage.

The Certified Industrial Hygienists at DirectCIH can help develop an Environmental, Health and Safety System, then help implement and monitor the system to meet the goals of the corporation and the regulations and frameworks developed by the United States EPA and OSHA, the British Standards Institute, and the International Organization for Standardization.

The goal of DirectCIH is to develop flexible, efficient, and simple-to-maintain management systems that meet required regulations and guidelines.

DirectCIH services include the following:

  • Evaluation of goals, regulations, requirements, and needs
  • Environmental, health and safety guidance
  • Management system audits
  • Risk analysis
  • Exposure assessments
  • Records system set-up

Program Management

The goals of an effective EHSS program are to minimize or eliminate workplace hazards, protect employees from injuries and illnesses, prevent death, minimize environmental impacts, and meet local, State, and federal regulatory requirements. DirectCIH approaches each EHSS project to meet or exceed these objectives.

Environmental Health and Safety Guidance

The Certified Industrial Hygienists at DirectCIH can provide effective and expert direction through the maze of regulatory requirements and guidelines to prepare, implement, and monitor the Environmental, Health, and Safety System in an efficient and economical manner.